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Corporate Yoga

As of July 13 I work for a company which holds, endorses and encourages yoga classes in the office building, during the work day. I couldn’t be happier just knowing that this is going on somewhere in the building. Also … Continue reading

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A Vicious Circle of Feelings and Perceptions and Feelings

by Aranyakananda I was given the book “Buddhism Without Beliefs” by a friend recently. It is one of those books I had seen many times in Barnes & Noble and considered buying and even flipped through because it is not … Continue reading

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A Very Thorough Review of the Film “Enlighten Up”

by Aranyakananda This is a review of the film “Enlighten Up”, about the transformational potential of yoga. I will be going through the details of the film and giving my thoughts, so, you know, SPOILER ALERT!, and all that. This … Continue reading

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Holiday Yoga

by Aranyakananda From the week of Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas, one hears the word “stress” increasingly creeping into every day interaction. That is how it is in the U.S. anyway. That is all I know. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Christmas Mantra

by Aranyakananda For years I have worked in call centers which required me to make hundreds of phone calls per day which were all fairly similar in nature. In short, I’ve worked many very repetitious jobs. In my younger days … Continue reading

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by Aranyakananda I spoke on the phone one night last week with a guy who I’ve been friends with for about 17 years. We talked for well over two hours. He is my longest-lasting friendship. We are very different and … Continue reading

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I Was a Brahmanist Jnani Yogi

by Aranyakananda My temple currently resides in a former church. We are raising money to build our own new proper temple. Within a couple of years, the Murtis will be installed in a proper home, I am sure. It is … Continue reading

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