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Eat It With Your Mouth

by Aranyakananda My friend referred to in the last post has a handful of verbal eccentricities. In short, he’s an unusual bloke in the best possible way. One thing that stands out is that when he offers you a piece … Continue reading

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It’s All Bollocks Anyroad, Innit?

by Aranyakananda As I write this, I am “watching” Game 6 of the 2013 World Series online through a program called MLB.com Gameday, s program which I have snarkily referred to as “the equivalent of receiving pitch-by-pitch updates via telegraph.” … Continue reading

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A Whole Lotta Mahabharata: The Sixth Pandava

by Aranyakananda A couple of posts ago I wrote about the Mahabharata War and how the tensions originated w/ Duryodhana’s ego being damaged by Draupadi laughing at him. The story being, at its basest level, a story about the conflict … Continue reading

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The Eternal Lenten Season of Yoga

by Aranyakananda Since I am on the theme of my former Catholicism, I would like to say a few things about what I used to call the “40 Day Festival of Avoidance” called Lent. It is kicked off by Ash … Continue reading

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