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Vishvarupa and the Probability Waves

by Aranyakananda The title of this post is not my fictional band’s name. It is about a theory put forth in a very unique book I’ve just finished reading, called “The Yoga of Time Travel” by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Indie Spiritualist” by Chris Grosso

by Aranyakananda Many people in this modern age, who are pursuing a spiritual path, when asked how it all began, will cite a moment of clarity. And a desire, a wish to discover “more” to life. Often this desire is … Continue reading

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Go See “Cloud Atlas”, Do It!

by Aranyakananda   From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past, and present and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.    – Cloud Atlas  My wife and I just saw the new Tom Hanks/Halle … Continue reading

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Neti, Neti…Yeti?

by Aranyakananda Having recently realized that I almost never mention Lord Rama on this weblog, I have been reviewing the Ramayana and reading about the different scriptures in which Hanuman, the devotee of Rama, appears. I have always been interested … Continue reading

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