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Vs. I – Response vs. Reaction

Yesterday was a very dark day for the world. On 9/11/01, a few thousand people died in New York and on two other locations where terrorists used planes as weapons. Yesterday 129 died in Paris. Surely the number of people … Continue reading

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A Vicious Circle of Feelings and Perceptions and Feelings

by Aranyakananda I was given the book “Buddhism Without Beliefs” by a friend recently. It is one of those books I had seen many times in Barnes & Noble and considered buying and even flipped through because it is not … Continue reading

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Would You Rather…

by Aranyakananda A good friend of mine died in January. From time to time I get to thinking about things he used to say. Little bits of wisdom, whether they appeared as such or just talk. One of the things … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Militant Buddhism

by Aranyakananda For about a year now, there has been a violent clash in Myanmar between Buddhists and Muslims which has in recent months come to the proverbial boiling point. Buddhist Monks in Myanmar are taking up arms against the … Continue reading

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Bhagavad-Gita Discussion Group Absentee Topic: Patronizing Adharma

by Aranyakananda Because of a Christmas-time “calamity”, until March I will need to take accessible busing rather than ride to work with my wife in our car. I have used this service from time to time throughout the last decade … Continue reading

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Gandhi and Hitler and Bono and Sinead O’Connor

by Aranyakananda Recently I have become aware of some apparently well-documented pieces of evidence suggesting that Mahatma Gandhi was a racist. His accusers cite his fondness of using the word “kaffir”, a racial slur for native Africans used in South … Continue reading

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Pizza Party Ahimsa

by Aranyakananda, Like a good many Hindus I am a vegetarian. I try to observe the principle of ahimsa in its many forms, and non-meat-eating, for me, is one of them. So whenever there is a “pizza party” I put … Continue reading

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