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Personal Association

by Aranyakananda As an avid Facebooker, I find great amusement in getting involved in conversations on other people’s walls. In doing so I often strike up a good report with friends of friends who I do not know. This is … Continue reading

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Vaisnavaganza: Ayyappa

by Aranyakananda This will be my final entry in this series entitled “Vaisnavaganza”. I had meant it to be a way to learn more about the depths of Vaisnavism and where its belief system came from and I think I … Continue reading

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Real Change

by Aranyakananda As anyone paying attention to the news in the U.S. will know, the Supreme Court is currently deliberating over the constitutional basis of same-sex marriage. Right now the issue is in the hands of the nine Ladies and … Continue reading

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Dharma In Congress? I Don’t Know, Could Work!

by Aranyakananda It appears that Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional district is set to become the first Hindu-American elected to Congress on Election Night, November 6. She is a devotee of the Gaudiya Vaishnav path initiated by Chaitanya … Continue reading

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On Being a Closet Hindu

by Aranyakananda Usually – almost always in fact – the term “in the closet” refers to a homosexual who is not open about their sexuality. The title of this piece is not meant to suggest that I am a homosexual … Continue reading

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