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Lunch Puja

by Aranyakananda Having realized from Bhagavad-Gita 4:24 that “the process of offering, and the oblation itself, are Brahman” I have come to a carry out a very methodical, puja-like way of eating my lunch. Every time I order from Erbert … Continue reading

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Lunch-Break Wheelchair Suryanamaskar

by Aranyakananda Suryanamaskar is intended to be done at dawn, as the sun rises, ideally, I think. But there are really no rules when it comes to dharma. Therefore, on Saturdays I have come to practice my own version of … Continue reading

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Droppin’ A Little Bit o’ Gita

by Aranyakananda A co-worker noted that I had a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita in the corner of my cubicle today and asked me some casual questions about it. Later he joked with me about how much he had to do … Continue reading

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I Hereby Claim Thanksgiving, Etcetera, On Behalf of Sanatana-Dharma!

by Aranyakananda It has confused and shocked me how many times I have heard Christians insist that Thanksgiving was “not a religious holiday.” So I decided to claim it on behalf of my chosen spiritual path. But it IS true … Continue reading

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