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Holiday Yoga

by Aranyakananda From the week of Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas, one hears the word “stress” increasingly creeping into every day interaction. That is how it is in the U.S. anyway. That is all I know. I don’t know … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season To Be Gloomy

by Aranyakananda We’ve all heard that the number of suicides skyrockets during the Christmas holiday season. But this post is not an indictment of Christmas. Because really the whole cycle starts when the temperature starts to drop and it combines … Continue reading

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The Answer Is That There Is No Answer…Or Is There?

by Aranyakananda I have been letting my feelings kind of flow where they will, letting things work themselves out in regard to the death of my cousin (see previous post). Yesterday I attended the weekly Bhagavad-Gita discussion group at my … Continue reading

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Dealing With Death As A Hindu

by Aranyakananda A family member ended her life this weekend. I don’t think there has been a death in the family since I began to see life from the Vaishnava point-of-view. Though my wife has lost some people who she … Continue reading

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