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An Internal Debate Regarding PTO on Hindu Holidays.

by Aranyakananda I took Monday, October 14th off from work. I’d casually mentioned it to my mother that I had off that day and she asked me why later. I told her it was because of Canadian Thanksgiving (my wife … Continue reading

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Bloody Know-It-Alls

by Aranyakananda Over the course of the last 15 years or more, a trend has developed in my life. I seem to come in close contact, often in close friendships with people who – I don’t know how else to … Continue reading

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A Suggestion for Gurupurnima 2013

by Aranyakananda While pondering my bookshelf last night, it occurred to me that I am likely not alone in having a large collection of books that goes unread. I am definitely not alone in being a seeker of Sanatana Dharma … Continue reading

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Gurus Are Everywhere

by Aranyakananda Yes, there is a lesson to be learned from every person you meet. Why do you think they passed through this little speck of Lila that you call your life? They are there to teach you something. This … Continue reading

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Lessons From This Year’s Gurupurnima

by Aranyakananda I got to have a darshan with Swami Vidyadhishananda with several members of my Temple by video live feed on Tuesday. We had some technical difficulties but his truth came through, regardless. We got what we needed out … Continue reading

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