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A Very Thorough Review of the Film “Enlighten Up”

by Aranyakananda This is a review of the film “Enlighten Up”, about the transformational potential of yoga. I will be going through the details of the film and giving my thoughts, so, you know, SPOILER ALERT!, and all that. This … Continue reading

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What’s It Take To Get a ‘Namaste’ From Conan O’Brien?

by Aranyakananda If you have watched Conan O’Brien throughout his career on “Conan” on TBS, or NBC’s “Late Show” or “Tonight Show”, you will have noticed that at the top of the show when he announces some of his guests’ … Continue reading

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Diwali Smile

by Aranyakananda I work two jobs right now. My day job is great. I write this on my lunch break, as a matter of fact. I have been working here just a few months. My night job is one I … Continue reading

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by Aranyakananda(-ji?)         In Indian culture, the suffix -ji, or sometimes -jee is placed after a name as a sign of respect. When I first started attending the Hindu Temple, I would use the suffix when addressing fellow aspirants occasionally, … Continue reading

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Puja Pooper

by Aranyakananda, My wife did not want to come to the puja tonight, so I called her a “puja pooper”, as in “party pooper”. She acknowledged the turn-of-phrase, but then gave me a dirty look. So I said “Namaste.” So … Continue reading

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