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Thought, Speech and Action as Purification

Let your thoughts purify your Self. Let your words purify those around you. Let your actions purify the world.

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How To Recognize Progress in Meditation

by Aranyakananda If you can meditate before you go to sleep on all the things you know need to change, and feel unshakable in your certainty that you can change them, and then feel just as certain about that change … Continue reading

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Medicare to Cover Yoga for Heart Disease Sufferers

by Aranyakananda It is only a matter of time before people world-wide begin reaping the benefits of the practice of yoga. Certainly yoga is better than paying obscene amounts in bills, amounts that insurance will not cover completely. Yoga is … Continue reading

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Where Vaishnavism and Smartism Meet

by Aranyakananda Another blogger was recently reading some of my work and had guessed that I was either of the Vaishnava or Smarta branch of Hinduism.  As the name of this blog suggests, Vaishnava is the correct answer. But I … Continue reading

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Yoga at the Pharmacy? Some Day…

by Aranyakananda As the world (particularly my country, the United States) becomes more enamored by the false promises of prescription drugs, I can’t help but think that we need to have more focus on meditation in the medical system. I … Continue reading

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Pantheism IS Monotheism

by Aranyakananda The way I see it, Pantheism, the view that God is in all aspects of nature, is not contradictory to Monotheism, the view that God is a single entity. The dictionary actually defines Monotheism as “belief in one … Continue reading

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God’s Will Vs. The Devil Made Me Do It

by Aranyakananda I’ll start this post by saying I do not believe in “The Devil” when it comes to misfortune and death. What I do believe in is distance from God and the “Your Time Is Just Plain Up” (see … Continue reading

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