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The Art of Hinduism

by Aranyakananda I passed on Saraswati Puja last night. I just wasn’t feeling up to being in temple last night. I just felt like having a very quiet night. During the afternoon I had re-connected with a friend who is … Continue reading

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Damaru-hasta and Kartari-hasta

by Aranyakananda A couple of interesting things I picked up in my reading on Hindu iconography: There is a hand gesture which has been adopted by fans of heavy metal music as a sign of their love and loyalty to … Continue reading

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Full Metal Monk

by Aranyakananda I was flipping through some posts on the facebook page of my oft-mentioned-on-this-blog Buddhist friend, the other day. He is a painter, and I was looking at some of his artwork when I came across a piece that … Continue reading

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Another Thing I Learned From a Buddhist Monk While Painting A Bench

by Aranyakananda While my wife and I helped paint the bench with my Buddhist Monk friend as recounted in this post, said Monk posed a question to us. Since we were painting in various shades of green he asked: “What … Continue reading

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What I Learned From A Buddhist Monk While Painting a Bench

by Aranyakananda A new friend of mine who is a Buddhist Monk asked me and my wife to help him paint bamboo designs on a city bench recently. I immediately jumped on the chance to do so, first because it … Continue reading

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