Corporate Yoga

As of July 13 I work for a company which holds, endorses and encourages yoga classes in the office building, during the work day. I couldn’t be happier just knowing that this is going on somewhere in the building.

Also each Monday the advertising department – my team – has a weekly meeting to discuss projects current and upcoming. Today my supervisor made a short announcement, handed out a flyer related to  a project for the fall, and then turned it over to another member of the team. Her sole agenda was to play a video of a talk given by Arianna Huffington on the benefits of meditation. Of course she tended to focus on the “new research proves” angle rather than the “hoary wisdom implores you to confirm” one, but still…

Huffington talked mostly about neurological research which shows that meditation strongly tends to improve focus while activities like playing “Candy Crush” – though for some the only relaxation and escape from an otherwise busy day – tends to blur the focus of the mind. She said that any repetitive activity dulls the mind, which worries me because most of my working life has been repetitive jobs, the present job being a bit of a departure from that.

She also confirmed that “multi-tasking” is not a real thing and that attempts to do so really set you back in any progress you’ve tried to make. Because you are randomly “switching gears”  as it were, which confuses the mind. To me this sounded like an endorsement of repetition, but I really don’t think it is. Repeating dulls the mind, but if you are doing one thing and you have to be disrupted that isn’t good either. You can stick to one thing without it being repetitive. (To prove that, I’ve used as many variations on the word “repeat” as I can.)

The research in favor of meditation is “overwhelming” according to Huffington. And countless others; neurologists, psychologists, yogis, and sadhus alike.

I am proud to say I work for a company that has caught up with the 30th century B.C.E.

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One Response to Corporate Yoga

  1. Dhrishti says:

    Multi-tasking is totes not a real thing.

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