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In one of the latest posts on this weblog, the word “trappings” was used simply in reference to something that comes along with another something. Sort of to say it’s just a package deal. I was amused to find that … Continue reading

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Sense-Perception and the Big Bang While We’re At It.

by Aranyakananda The scope of this topic may be too much for me to handle. I won’t be quoting the scriptures. I may not use a lot of technical Sanskrit terms. Nevertheless: Having encountered misunderstandings about Hinduism from others, I … Continue reading

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by Aranyakananda Maya is a word I use on this blog often. It means unreal, or illusory. Another word for maya is mithya. As Sanskrit is the root of many currently spoken languages, it should not be shocking to find … Continue reading

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Another Thing I Learned From a Buddhist Monk While Painting A Bench

by Aranyakananda While my wife and I helped paint the bench with my Buddhist Monk friend as recounted in this post, said Monk posed a question to us. Since we were painting in various shades of green he asked: “What … Continue reading

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