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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

by Aranyakananda I was flipping through my Facebook feed yesterday and I saw a story about an ISKCon monk undergoing the Sannyasi Ceremony and receiving saffron robes. I am not too familiar with how things are done in such a … Continue reading

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Fostering Cross-Culturalism and Interfaith Co-operation

by Aranyakananda The other day a friend of mine accompanied me to my weekly Gita discussion group at the local Hindu Temple. My friend is a Buddhist Monk. He was their to gain further understanding of my form of devotion. … Continue reading

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Another Thing I Learned From a Buddhist Monk While Painting A Bench

by Aranyakananda While my wife and I helped paint the bench with my Buddhist Monk friend as recounted in this post, said Monk posed a question to us. Since we were painting in various shades of green he asked: “What … Continue reading

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What I Learned From A Buddhist Monk While Painting a Bench

by Aranyakananda A new friend of mine who is a Buddhist Monk asked me and my wife to help him paint bamboo designs on a city bench recently. I immediately jumped on the chance to do so, first because it … Continue reading

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Making Dharma Connections, Part II

by Aranyakananda Two days after my co-worker told me that he’d like to talk to a Buddhist monk about some of the questions he has, by an odd string of events that I cannot begin to try to recount, he … Continue reading

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