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by Aranyakananda My wife and I just spent a good part of the last week in the Indianapolis area with two dear friends of ours. I became acquainted with one of them through this very weblog in the spring of … Continue reading

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The Sacred Architecture of the Vastu Shastra

by Aranyakananda My father is a home builder. With his birthday having just passed when I started working on this post, and having visited my parents beforehand to take them both out for dinner, naturally I have been thinking about … Continue reading

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The Art of Hinduism

by Aranyakananda I passed on Saraswati Puja last night. I just wasn’t feeling up to being in temple last night. I just felt like having a very quiet night. During the afternoon I had re-connected with a friend who is … Continue reading

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Spiritually Flighty

by Aranyakananda This post is titled thusly because given the subject-matter, one may label me as such. For you see, even though I have recently begun identifying as “Smarta with Vaisnav leanings” or some such madness, as opposed to strictly … Continue reading

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If God Had a Face

by Aranyakananda When I was in my teens, I recall once sitting in my family’s living room where the telly was tuned into MTV, and Joan Osborne’s song “One of Us” was playing. I recall telling my mom that I … Continue reading

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“He Who Steals, Steals Twice”

by Aranyakananda I heard the above quote recently and immediately drifted into my own world of transcendental meanings behind it. Having heard it from a Buddhist I assumed it was of some dharmic source. We were discussing matters in the … Continue reading

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Full Metal Monk

by Aranyakananda I was flipping through some posts on the facebook page of my oft-mentioned-on-this-blog Buddhist friend, the other day. He is a painter, and I was looking at some of his artwork when I came across a piece that … Continue reading

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