Gurus Are Everywhere

by Aranyakananda

Yes, there is a lesson to be learned from every person you meet. Why do you think they passed through this little speck of Lila that you call your life? They are there to teach you something. This is not meant to belittle the great masters of dharma that we all hold in great reverence. Though I doubt that the greatest masters would care all that much about being “belittled” in this way (see my last posting for more on this). They know they are no greater than you or I, in the end. But in one way or another, it is true. Just as it is true that we are all Avatars, we are all gurus for those around us.

Keep that in mind when you attempt to help someone. But don’t let it get in your head too much. It will affect the way you interact with others. Just do the best you can, and feel that guru-hood within you, and tap into it the best you can. It will shine through. The message you are meant to convey will come. Whether you think you’ve said it the way you should have or not, trust that it has gotten through.

I have become convinced, given recent events in my life that everyone is a guru. Everyone teaches me something about life by giving me an example of how I should behave, or by giving me an example of how I should not behave. The second variety are (most likely) unwitting participants in my personal dharma. It is part of theirs. Do not judge them for it. Love them for it and wish them well. And be the best guru you can to them in return.

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One Response to Gurus Are Everywhere

  1. Dhrishti says:

    Very true, bhai! My own birth mother is one such “unwitting participant.” And like yourself, I choose to see folks like herself as examples, perhaps of how not to be, but an example no less, and therefore immensely valuable.

    “Love them for it and wish them well” 🙂

    Om Shanti!

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