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A Suggestion for Gurupurnima 2013

by Aranyakananda While pondering my bookshelf last night, it occurred to me that I am likely not alone in having a large collection of books that goes unread. I am definitely not alone in being a seeker of Sanatana Dharma … Continue reading

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Simplified Hinduism?

by Aranyakananda I would not have written this post had I not heard no fewer than three Indian Hindus say that they felt that Hinduism is “too complex” and “has too many Gods.” I myself have noted the similarities amongst … Continue reading

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Universal Brothers and Sisters

by Aranyakananda Other than Christmas and Easter none of the holidays in Judeo-Christian America have much of a history. Sure St. Patrick’s Day is in celebration of a 4th-5th century Catholic saint, and Hallowe’en goes back to ancient Ireland but … Continue reading

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Destination of Interest: Vedic City, Iowa

by Aranyakananda When I was 16 and my parents took me and a friend to Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, at the time I literally thought it was paradise on Earth. Though it is a beautiful place, it is … Continue reading

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