Indian Style

When I was in kindergarten, one of the things I remember most clearly aside from the Reading Rocket (a big plastic silo-like structure, black with silver stars on it) was that whenever we were to sit down and listen to the teacher teach, whenever we were to really sit and really listen, we were asked to sit “Indian style”.

For many years before I knew anything about meditation or Hinduism or India or anything related to it, I assumed that this referred to those often called Native Americans. It was actually not in any way different from the lotus position.

So looking back, it makes me think that as un-PC as it could be seen for teachers to ask us to “sit Indian style” they were actually quite forward-thinking. As forward-thinking as one can be by making use of milleniums-old wisdom. Somewhere along the line I guess they’d learned that sitting in the lotus position was the best way to open up perceptions, improve focus and and for the gods’ sakes get a bunch of five-year-olds to settle down and shut up for a minute and a half. In any case it was a good foundation for all future learning.

Jai Hari Aum.

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