What a Mad Delusion

I read about a study once – I wish I could find out where – in which a group of people were shown a painting of a scene from Vienna and played a recording of a singer with acoustic guitar, singing a song called “Look At Your Game, Girl” without being told the names of the painter or the singer.

The reviews of both were generally kind or even favorable.

Then another group was shown the same painting and played the same song after being told the names of the artists. This group was not as favorable toward either work.

The painter was pre-Third Reich Adolf Hitler.

The singer was pre-Tate/LaBianca Charles Manson.

I don’t have much of a point to make here. This is just a demonstration of how our attitudes can be formed on whether or not we find something pleasing, and our skewed way of qualifying beauty. I think this is the point that Axl Rose was trying to make when he insisted on covering the Manson song on one of Guns n Roses’ albums.

On a side note, and speaking of girls and games, I once played the tune (the Manson original demo) for my wife and I asked her to guess who the singer was. I had her turn away from our computer because I could not find a version of it on YouTube that did not give it away. I allowed her to ask me yes/no questions as to the artist’s identity, and after just eleven guesses, she came to Charles Manson.  I was prepared for the game to go on all day.

On another side note, there is a lot in the song about delusion and ego. I like it really. The paintings I could do without.

Jai Hari Aum


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