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Aum Yeshuaya Namah! and Happy Easter! हैप्पी ईस्टर!

by Aranyakananda I don’t really say “Happy Easter” too much not being a Germanic Pagan, nor a practicing Christian. But I have always considered how Jesus the Christ fits into my own Vaisnav worldview. I have considered him an avatar … Continue reading

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Neti, Neti Part V – The Teachings of Krishna and the Bharat War

by Aranyakananda It is hard for many to believe that on the battlefield of the Kurukshetra, right betwixt two massive armies raging for battle, Krishna and Arjuna sat down and had an 18-chapter heart-to-heart. I am one of these people. … Continue reading

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Of Love and Hate and Chickens and Eggs.

by Aranyakananda In my younger, more conflicted days when I couldn’t decide whether I was a hippie or a punk (I am neither), I wrote a poem/song called “I Hate Hate” in which I addressed a hateful person directly. In … Continue reading

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