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This Week In Hinduism

by Aranyakananda It has been brought to my attention that its been about 45 days since I’ve written anything. And my ego tries to tell me this is bad because it wants that “I” define myself as a writer. And … Continue reading

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My Temple’s Newsletter Is Coming Back, So I’ve Heard

by Aranyakananda The long-awaited news arrived to my ears last night that my Temple is bringing back its monthly newsletter, after an extended silence. It has been close to two years since it went on hiatus. I am happy because … Continue reading

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Life is Thirst and Life is Water

by Aranyakananda Since I began practicing Hinduism, I have taken a good look back at my life and the road it has taken.  A while ago, it came to my attention that in my life I had undergone three distinct … Continue reading

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