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Out Templing with the Wife

by Aranyakananda I am beginning to suspect my wife is lovely. Last week she and I realized that it was the first weekend in time out of mind that we did not have anything planned. At first my wife said … Continue reading

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A Whole Lotta Mahabharata

by Aranyakananda I am on a bit of a Mahabharata binge right now. Make ready. Not too long ago I wrote on the concept of “fear of God” and how figures in the Mahabharata such as Kamsa, Krisha’s uncle achieved … Continue reading

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Vaisnavaganza: Prithvi Devi, Mother Nature

by Aranyakananda In a recent post, I described Vishnu’s descent into the material world as Prithu. According to this myth, the Earth had gone barren and Prithu was going to destroy it, possibly to start over. But the Earth turned … Continue reading

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“Where Have All The Vaishnavs Gone?” or “Vaishnavism in a Skeptic Age”

by Aranyakananda It seems to me that most Vaisnavs are devotees of a particular manifestation of Vishnu. Namely Rama or Krishna. Most Vaisnavs are really “Kraishnavs” or “Ramites.” Shiva has His own avatars but most Shaivites I know worship Shiva … Continue reading

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What the Avatars of Vishnu Show Us About Evolution

by Aranyakananda Most non-Hindus have probably heard of Krishna and maybe even Rama. They have heard of Buddha (who is considered to be an Avatar or Divine Manifestation of God by some). They probably have not heard of Kalki. But  … Continue reading

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