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A Pure Reflection of the True Spirit of Sanatana Dharma/Personality of God-head vs. Impersonal Brahman

by Aranyakananda “Truth is one. Sages call it by many names” This being my 200th post on this weblog, I’d like to get back to a focus on Vishnu and Vaisnavism. In doing so, in these next several posts I … Continue reading

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This is How Close I Came To Becoming a Ganapatya

by Aranyakananda In early 2009 when my flirtations with Sanatana Dharma were in their beginning stages, I was still working in earnest on a blog about my disability, spina bifida. But the tone of the blog had shifted from 1 … Continue reading

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Jai Maa Saraswati Devi AUM!

by Aranyakananda As Navratri is again upon us, one would suspect, and rightfully I think, that with a blog entitled Rolling With Vishnu, that I would be celebrating Lakshmi Devi. Well, don’t worry, I plan to attend the Lakshmi Puja … Continue reading

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