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Thoughts on Tilaks

by Aranyakananda The main purpose of the tilak, in my understanding, is not in the wearing but in the act of application. It is to be a meditative practice during which one remembers his own ishta-devata. It is not to … Continue reading

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From One Tilak to Another ( An Ash Wednesday Story)

by Aranyakananda Whenever the various Catholic Holy days come around on the calendar, I tend to reflect on where I’ve been, where I am, how I got here, what I used to believe, what I used to supposedly believe because … Continue reading

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The Stigmata of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

by Aranyakananda Over the past few days, a bright red dot – likely an allergic reaction to something – has developed just above the bridge of my nose, between my eyes. Looks like a tilak, the sandalwood paste marking worn … Continue reading

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How to Turn Your Mustache Into a Devotional Activity

by Aranyakananda I informed my friends and family through Facebook tonight, just for laughs, that I intended to grow a handlebar mustache. One of those ‘staches that you wax up on the tips and curl it round and round like … Continue reading

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