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In one of the latest posts on this weblog, the word “trappings” was used simply in reference to something that comes along with another something. Sort of to say it’s just a package deal. I was amused to find that … Continue reading

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Personal Association

by Aranyakananda As an avid Facebooker, I find great amusement in getting involved in conversations on other people’s walls. In doing so I often strike up a good report with friends of friends who I do not know. This is … Continue reading

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Regarding Sandy Hook Elementary School: We Are All Victims of the Insanity Which is Not the True Self.

by Aranyakananda It has grown wearisome watching responses to news stories online, or Facebook postings on the subject of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Terrible thing to say, I know, because these postings have been an outpouring of love and … Continue reading

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