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“Feedback Is On The Action, Not On You”

by Aranyakananda The title of this post is inspired by a quote I read recently from a yogi giving a talk on detachment. He used to soft term “feedback” when we all know he meant “criticism”. We dwell on both … Continue reading

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“He Who Steals, Steals Twice”

by Aranyakananda I heard the above quote recently and immediately drifted into my own world of transcendental meanings behind it. Having heard it from a Buddhist I assumed it was of some dharmic source. We were discussing matters in the … Continue reading

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Editorial: Why It’s Okay To Laugh At Your Own Jokes

by Aranyakananda I wrote a similar piece to this, regarding getting angry to make a point and how it is not an egotistical thing to do as long as the goal is fostering understanding. Now I wish to share with … Continue reading

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