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Vs. I – Response vs. Reaction

Yesterday was a very dark day for the world. On 9/11/01, a few thousand people died in New York and on two other locations where terrorists used planes as weapons. Yesterday 129 died in Paris. Surely the number of people … Continue reading

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Illegal Atheists

by Aranyakananda The world is a funny, funny place. It appears that in Saudi Arabia it is now illegal to be an atheist. In fact atheism is equated with terrorism. It is not illegal for an atheist to enter the … Continue reading

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A Follow-up to “Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys”

by Aranyakananda Since I wrote my last post, I have come to a striking realization which, quite frankly I found difficult to rationalize at first, but I do stand by my original post. The issue in that post was a … Continue reading

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How To Survive the Kali Yuga, Part II

by Aranyakananda Not too long ago I wrote a post on the Kali Yuga, and different Hindu – and in some cases specifically Vaisnava Hindu – practices that are “prescribed” in order for a jivan to navigate his/her way through … Continue reading

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Re-Thinking Halloween

by Aranyakananda Halloween comes out of a rich tradition in the Celtic world in which the religion was one very much of the natural, physical world. In that world, ghosts, goblins etc. were feared, and certain observances were undertaken to keep the dead, well…dead. Such as … Continue reading

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Hindu Temple?…There Must Be Muslims In There!

by Aranyakananda The story about the six people who were killed today at the Sikh Temple near Milwaukee (7 including the shooter) has got me very concerned about…well where do I start? Okay here’s what bothers me. The news reports … Continue reading

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