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Sorry, Mormons

by Aranyakananda Now that I have said in my last post that Abrahamic religions are “authoritarian” and that Dharma is not, but instead is “authoritative”, except for the Manu-samhita and the Gita depending on how you read it, let me … Continue reading

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Neti, Neti, Neither or Both?, Continued: Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)

by Aranyakananda Just like with many things in life, there are two very different schools of thought in the world as to how one should live one’s life. Karma yogis say that a life not lived for others is not … Continue reading

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Regarding Sandy Hook Elementary School: We Are All Victims of the Insanity Which is Not the True Self.

by Aranyakananda It has grown wearisome watching responses to news stories online, or Facebook postings on the subject of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Terrible thing to say, I know, because these postings have been an outpouring of love and … Continue reading

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Pizza Party Ahimsa

by Aranyakananda, Like a good many Hindus I am a vegetarian. I try to observe the principle of ahimsa in its many forms, and non-meat-eating, for me, is one of them. So whenever there is a “pizza party” I put … Continue reading

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Have A Sattwic Memorial Day

by Aranyakananda For a long time I have not been very enthusiastic about holidays such as Independence Day, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. I never got misty-eyed about the patriotism of it all. Though my country (The U.S.A.) is great, … Continue reading

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