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The Blame Game

by Aranyakananda I find opportunity to shore up my own understanding of what I stand for in some of the oddest places. Often it is in my interactions with people, and making mental note of who I most identified with … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Indie Spiritualist” by Chris Grosso

by Aranyakananda Many people in this modern age, who are pursuing a spiritual path, when asked how it all began, will cite a moment of clarity. And a desire, a wish to discover “more” to life. Often this desire is … Continue reading

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Elvis and Yogananda

by Aranyakananda Today being Elvis Presley’s birthday, I wanted to visit a part of his life that is not very well-known by fans of his. Though he was raised Christian and in fact recorded many Gospel records, Elvis was a … Continue reading

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On Being a Closet Hindu

by Aranyakananda Usually – almost always in fact – the term “in the closet” refers to a homosexual who is not open about their sexuality. The title of this piece is not meant to suggest that I am a homosexual … Continue reading

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