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At a Balaji Abhishekam in Minnesota in 2015

Today I attended Balaji Abhishekam with my wife. She’d been expressing interest in dipping her toe in the waters, as it were, at the temple I go to, and today she said she’d go with me. Only after she expressed … Continue reading

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Spiritually Flighty

by Aranyakananda This post is titled thusly because given the subject-matter, one may label me as such. For you see, even though I have recently begun identifying as “Smarta with Vaisnav leanings” or some such madness, as opposed to strictly … Continue reading

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I’ve Never Been So Happy To See A Dead Bird In My Life

by Aranyakananda Whilst on a little saunter that I took this morning, I rolled down the sidewalk, on the street where I live. I happened to glance into the street and saw what appeared to be a crow (?) but … Continue reading

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Where Vaishnavism and Smartism Meet

by Aranyakananda Another blogger was recently reading some of my work and had guessed that I was either of the Vaishnava or Smarta branch of Hinduism.  As the name of this blog suggests, Vaishnava is the correct answer. But I … Continue reading

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