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by Aranyakananda In my last post I wrote a bit about certain observances going “against dharma.” It was all about the duty of a householder to maintain a source of income, employment. In explaining this concept, I brought up the … Continue reading

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One Is Not The Loneliest Number

by Aranyakananda I was recently in a discussion with friends in which I brought up the Vedic aphorism “Truth is one; the wise call it by many names.” Knowing the people involved in this conversation were not fammiliar with Vedic … Continue reading

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Medulla Oblongadda-da-Vida, Baby!

by Aranyakananda Science has indicated that there is a center in the brain which kicks in during “religious experiences” or moments of devotional fervor, or bhakti Yoga. I will not post a link to this research because it is readily … Continue reading

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Re-Thinking Halloween

by Aranyakananda Halloween comes out of a rich tradition in the Celtic world in which the religion was one very much of the natural, physical world. In that world, ghosts, goblins etc. were feared, and certain observances were undertaken to keep the dead, well…dead. Such as … Continue reading

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Sometimes Assertiveness Looks a Lot Like An Egocentric Shit-Fit

by Aranyakananda Coming to Hinduism one has it repeatedly put into one’s head that one must dissolve, destroy or transcend the ego, depending on who your sources are. And it is true as a general practice. But there are always … Continue reading

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