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It’s All Bollocks Anyroad, Innit?

by Aranyakananda As I write this, I am “watching” Game 6 of the 2013 World Series online through a program called MLB.com Gameday, s program which I have snarkily referred to as “the equivalent of receiving pitch-by-pitch updates via telegraph.” … Continue reading

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Puja Pooper

by Aranyakananda, My wife did not want to come to the puja tonight, so I called her a “puja pooper”, as in “party pooper”. She acknowledged the turn-of-phrase, but then gave me a dirty look. So I said “Namaste.” So … Continue reading

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Making Dharma Connections

by Aranyakananda I was chatting with a new co-worker of mine in his office yesterday, and I saw that he had a small Buddha statue on his desk, along with a Zen garden, and seemed to have a bit of … Continue reading

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