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Mother Nature’s Son – One For Prithvi Devi

by Aranyakananda Have you noticed that even those who are decidedly Monotheistic in a Abrahamic sort of way, in times of meteorological uproar will turn their displeasure on “Mother Nature”? It is at this time that they are forced to … Continue reading

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A Response to “Let’s Aim For a Post-Theistic Society” by Professor Vasant Natarajan

by Aranyakananda Last time I attended Bhagavad-Gita study group at my temple one of the men there made a casual reference to an opinion column in “The Hindu”. I later asked him to direct me to the piece because I … Continue reading

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Jai Hari Om Mani Padme Hum

by Aranyakananda I haven’t had a lot to say lately. I think it is because everything I feel like blogging about seems completely trite, and I do not wish to intentionally subject you to the trite. What I set out … Continue reading

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