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At a Balaji Abhishekam in Minnesota in 2015

Today I attended Balaji Abhishekam with my wife. She’d been expressing interest in dipping her toe in the waters, as it were, at the temple I go to, and today she said she’d go with me. Only after she expressed … Continue reading

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by Aranyakananda I left off in my last post discussing how the sacred can be found anywhere. Wherever you go, there you are.” Same thing. It is a recurring theme with me lately, it seems wherever I go, this subject … Continue reading

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Reflections on Ganesha Abhishekam 2013

by Aranyakananda My local temple held Ganesha Abhishekam last night. My grandfather just passed away two nights before this, and so I took this Abhishekam as a sacred opportunity to remove some of the obstacles between my grandfather and moksha. … Continue reading

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Green Tea Cubicle Puja

by Aranyakananda My practice of what I call pujas, at home, is very limited. Even more so since I broke my leg and my range of motion in my devotional space has been stunted. But I do what I can. … Continue reading

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ॐ-Flavored Water

by Aranyakananda I recently became aware of a device called the Kangen water system. It was invented or perfected in Japan, and supposedly the secret was kept for 30 years until it was recently released to the public. It produces … Continue reading

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Pujas at Home

by Aranyakananda I have a shrine to Vishnu/Krishna/Guru at home. Recently a friend of mine asked me about performing pujas, but I said that I really would not say that I do any. I think the reason was that I … Continue reading

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