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Mother Nature’s Son – One For Prithvi Devi

by Aranyakananda Have you noticed that even those who are decidedly Monotheistic in a Abrahamic sort of way, in times of meteorological uproar will turn their displeasure on “Mother Nature”? It is at this time that they are forced to … Continue reading

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Vaisnavaganza: Prithvi Devi, Mother Nature

by Aranyakananda In a recent post, I described Vishnu’s descent into the material world as Prithu. According to this myth, the Earth had gone barren and Prithu was going to destroy it, possibly to start over. But the Earth turned … Continue reading

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Lunch-Break Wheelchair Suryanamaskar

by Aranyakananda Suryanamaskar is intended to be done at dawn, as the sun rises, ideally, I think. But there are really no rules when it comes to dharma. Therefore, on Saturdays I have come to practice my own version of … Continue reading

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