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Yes, Master.

by Aranyakananda Anyone who has been fortunate to find his or her true Satguru in this life will often refer to this person as “Master.” The Master’s word and will becomes as good as Scripture. Master, as in…I don’t know, … Continue reading

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On Not Dying, At Least Not Any Time Soon

by Aranyakananda On the plane ride into Winnipeg on the fateful day I have written about in the last two posts, I happened to notice a fellow passenger was wearing a New York Yankees cap. I recognized this to be … Continue reading

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“The Catcher in the Rye” and the Hindu Concept of Maya (Delusion) and Dharma (Duty)

by Aranyakananda NOTE: Here’s one I wrote a while back, wasn’t able to find anything to do with it. It is a bit longer than what I usually post here. So read it if you want to, at your own … Continue reading

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Vacation Dharma

by Aranyakananda Going on vacation to visit family, one tends to expect drama. I did when my wife and I visited her family in Winnipeg last week, but instead I got dharma. Dharma seemed to follow us wherever we went. … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Conversion to Hinduism

by Aranyakananda In December of 2008, I had no intention of converting to another religion. I had merely made a resolution to “read more important books”. Those were my exact words. One of the first ones I picked had to … Continue reading

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