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Illegal Atheists

by Aranyakananda The world is a funny, funny place. It appears that in Saudi Arabia it is now illegal to be an atheist. In fact atheism is equated with terrorism. It is not illegal for an atheist to enter the … Continue reading

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Humility on the Grandest Scale

by Aranyakananda Did you know the water god Varuna manifested as fluid in the bladder of a demon? It’s true. Well, it’s myth, but you get what I’m saying. The infamous asura king, Ravana had obtained certain auspicious powers by … Continue reading

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In Proximity of the Gods

by Aranyakananda I will never forget that the moment I began to see Hinduism as the path I wanted to pursue, I was reading a book by Neil Gaiman called “American Gods.” That being the case, it astounds me that … Continue reading

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The Harvard University Kumbh Mela Project

by Aranyakananda A friend came up to me today and asked me if I was going to the Kumbh Mela this year. I laughed and said no. “Why not?” he asked. “Because it’s 8,000 miles away.” Good reason. But ever … Continue reading

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