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You may have read a few posts back I wrote about not using the nom de plume “Aranyakananda” anymore. In response to that post I received a comment from a friend who pointed out that people who change their name … Continue reading

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The “I” and the “Me”

by Aranyakananda Every so often just a sliver of a memory pops into my head and if I think about it long enough it brings something back that is of value. Yesterday I remembered that when I was early in … Continue reading

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“He Who Steals, Steals Twice”

by Aranyakananda I heard the above quote recently and immediately drifted into my own world of transcendental meanings behind it. Having heard it from a Buddhist I assumed it was of some dharmic source. We were discussing matters in the … Continue reading

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“I”-ness In the Blogosphere.

by Aranyakananda I am a blogger. Being that you are reading this, you already know that. My blog is about my spiritual journey whether it be reflections on my past, meditations, dharma in media, dharma in history, etcetera ad infinitum. … Continue reading

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