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Gandhi and Hitler and Bono and Sinead O’Connor

by Aranyakananda Recently I have become aware of some apparently well-documented pieces of evidence suggesting that Mahatma Gandhi was a racist. His accusers cite his fondness of using the word “kaffir”, a racial slur for native Africans used in South … Continue reading

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Hindu Temple?…There Must Be Muslims In There!

by Aranyakananda The story about the six people who were killed today at the Sikh Temple near Milwaukee (7 including the shooter) has got me very concerned about…well where do I start? Okay here’s what bothers me. The news reports … Continue reading

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A Couple of Preliminary Notes on “Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography”

by Aranyakananda I have finally began to read “Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography” by Swami Kriyananda. I am only about half the way through it so I cannot give a full opinion on it. I surely will later. One thing in … Continue reading

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