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A Botched Attempt At Pluralism During the Inaugural Luncheon.

by Aranyakananda During the televised Inaugural luncheon today, an invocation was given before the meal was served. I forget who delivered the prayer, but what is important is the words chosen. I could tell there was great effort put into … Continue reading

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Philosophy, and Philophilo (to coin a term)

by Aranyakananda The love of wisdom is called philosophy. God is Wisdom (Sophia) but God is also Love. Ergo the Love of God is to be called Philophilo. Often people will refer to their faith as their “philosophy” but I … Continue reading

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Less Drama, More Dharma

by Aranyakananda The title of this piece occurred to me recently while watching the evening news. The first four stories were all about death, violence, criminal activity, etc., and it wasn’t until they got that out of the way that … Continue reading

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