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Dharma Dream

by Aranyakananda I fall asleep during movies a lot. Even when I’ve just slept until 11am, and it is only mid-afternoon the same day. Recently I was sitting at home one Sunday afternoon watching a movie. We’d just had a … Continue reading

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by Aranyakananda Upon starting my current day-job back in August, just getting comfortable with the phone calls I was making, I found myself with “a case of the ums” as my supervisor put it. I said “Um” a lot. Eventually … Continue reading

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Fostering Cross-Culturalism and Interfaith Co-operation

by Aranyakananda The other day a friend of mine accompanied me to my weekly Gita discussion group at the local Hindu Temple. My friend is a Buddhist Monk. He was their to gain further understanding of my form of devotion. … Continue reading

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My Temple’s Newsletter Is Coming Back, So I’ve Heard

by Aranyakananda The long-awaited news arrived to my ears last night that my Temple is bringing back its monthly newsletter, after an extended silence. It has been close to two years since it went on hiatus. I am happy because … Continue reading

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