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Crossing My Eyes

by Aranyakananda Whenever someone asks me to cross my fingers, I have to be honest. If you’ve read this blog enough, you’ll know I am not “superstitious” in the conventional sense. Many consider religion, faith, prayer, etc., to be superstition … Continue reading

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Hindu “Faith”: Knowing IS Believing

by Aranyakananda Most Buddhists will tell you Buddhism is not a religion, and that it certainly is not a faith. Many Hindus say that Hinduism is not a religion, and that the word “faith” comes more from an Abrahamic context. … Continue reading

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Even If You Can Do Anything, You Don’t Have To

by Aranyakananda Yesterday something came through my Facebook feed that interested me. That hardly ever happens so I am writing about it. It was one of those things that are all over Facebook, called “Your e-cards” from “someecards.com.” It’s usually … Continue reading

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Medicare to Cover Yoga for Heart Disease Sufferers

by Aranyakananda It is only a matter of time before people world-wide begin reaping the benefits of the practice of yoga. Certainly yoga is better than paying obscene amounts in bills, amounts that insurance will not cover completely. Yoga is … Continue reading

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Yoga at the Pharmacy? Some Day…

by Aranyakananda As the world (particularly my country, the United States) becomes more enamored by the false promises of prescription drugs, I can’t help but think that we need to have more focus on meditation in the medical system. I … Continue reading

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