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Dreams on Film

by Aranyakananda Increasingly popular in stating one’s disbelief in a story told, is the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” or “film or it didn’t happen” or something similar. Basically what is being said is that unless I see evidence … Continue reading

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Dharma Nightmare

by Aranyakananda Last night I had a horrific nightmare that was basically just a rehashing of a very emotionally wrenching discussion I had with a loved one not long ago. Except in the dream it was multiplied – nay, amplified! … Continue reading

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Prabhupada Darshan

by Aranyakananda My wife woke me up this morning and the first words out of my mouth as I sat up were “Prabhupada Darshan.” Only thing is I don’t remember any dreams I had last night so I dont know … Continue reading

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