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In Proximity of the Gods

by Aranyakananda I will never forget that the moment I began to see Hinduism as the path I wanted to pursue, I was reading a book by Neil Gaiman called “American Gods.” That being the case, it astounds me that … Continue reading

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The Home Mandir Complexification

by Aranyakananda Over the years, we’ve collected a small bucketful of pennies that we never are in the mood to take to the bank and cash in. You either have to roll them up and take them in, or take … Continue reading

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Jai Maa Saraswati Devi AUM!

by Aranyakananda As Navratri is again upon us, one would suspect, and rightfully I think, that with a blog entitled Rolling With Vishnu, that I would be celebrating Lakshmi Devi. Well, don’t worry, I plan to attend the Lakshmi Puja … Continue reading

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A Celestial Inside Joke

by Aranyakananda You all will have read that, a while back, having become captivated by the message of Swami Vidyadhishananda, I looked into the meaning behind his monastic name “Vidyadishananda”. Vidya, being a descriptive term for Saraswati, and having become … Continue reading

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Where Vaishnavism and Smartism Meet

by Aranyakananda Another blogger was recently reading some of my work and had guessed that I was either of the Vaishnava or Smarta branch of Hinduism.  As the name of this blog suggests, Vaishnava is the correct answer. But I … Continue reading

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