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Holi Hai!…But Why?

by Aranyakananda I cannot just not write about Holi. I did so last year, I think maybe as many as three posts all Holi and Holika Dahan considered. But as far as Holi, I only wrote about Nrsimha, and Prahlada. … Continue reading

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by Aranyakananda In a recent post I wrote about Vaisnavism, and Hinduism in general in the Kali Yuga. In doing so, I considered the form of Vishnu which is prescribed for devotion in the Kali Yuga, that of Venkateswara, or … Continue reading

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What the Avatars of Vishnu Show Us About Evolution

by Aranyakananda Most non-Hindus have probably heard of Krishna and maybe even Rama. They have heard of Buddha (who is considered to be an Avatar or Divine Manifestation of God by some). They probably have not heard of Kalki. But  … Continue reading

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