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Yes, Master.

by Aranyakananda Anyone who has been fortunate to find his or her true Satguru in this life will often refer to this person as “Master.” The Master’s word and will becomes as good as Scripture. Master, as in…I don’t know, … Continue reading

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Out Templing with the Wife

by Aranyakananda I am beginning to suspect my wife is lovely. Last week she and I realized that it was the first weekend in time out of mind that we did not have anything planned. At first my wife said … Continue reading

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“A Compilation of Mini-Biographies of Various Yogis”

by Aranyakananda         It brings me happiness to write about the words of Yogananda, but I don’t think that I could ever, or would ever want to do a true review of his work, as I don’t feel like I could do … Continue reading

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