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The Quantum Album: 4. Live Die Repeat

I watched the Tom Cruise action flick “Live Die Repeat” with my wife this weekend which doesn’t have a thing to do with the Quantum Physics theme of the last few posts, but it sort of set of a chain … Continue reading

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On Not Dying, At Least Not Any Time Soon

by Aranyakananda On the plane ride into Winnipeg on the fateful day I have written about in the last two posts, I happened to notice a fellow passenger was wearing a New York Yankees cap. I recognized this to be … Continue reading

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Hindu “Faith”: Knowing IS Believing

by Aranyakananda Most Buddhists will tell you Buddhism is not a religion, and that it certainly is not a faith. Many Hindus say that Hinduism is not a religion, and that the word “faith” comes more from an Abrahamic context. … Continue reading

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A Follow-up Piece In Regard to Leading By Example Vs. Taking Action

by Aranyakananda I wrote this piece a few weeks ago: https://rollingwithvishnu.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/sanatana-dharma-it-is-not-about-proselytizing-but-not-laissez-faire-spiritualism-either/ In it I made the point that while there comes a time when you have to let others go their own way, there is also a time to “step … Continue reading

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