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“My India” by Swami Yogananda-ji

by Aranyakananda Recently I changed my Facebook profile pic. On the new image, over my left shoulder is almost complete and utter darkness except for a few reflections off of shiny things hidden in said darkness. Over my right is … Continue reading

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Higher Ground

by Aranyakananda Something a friend recently said got me thinking about songs that aid me in maintaining a bhakti state of mind. Often these are songs which lead us to a state of emotional awareness. I suppose for me it … Continue reading

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Yogananda’s “Boatman” Among Us

by Aranyakananda Paramahansa Yogananda wrote a poem called “God’s Boatman” which is of infinite importance (literally). In the poem, the Guru-ji expressed his desire – a purely benevolent, altruistic, sattwic desire, mind you – to be freed from the shackles … Continue reading

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