The Quantum Album: 3: Timespace of the Subatomic Flea

One of the more – oh I don’t know – mystical elements of Quantum Physics is the idea that “time” is a “dimension” just like the three others we are familiar with. And this doesn’t really relate a lot to Hinduism other than it serves to bridge the gap between what would otherwise be a very dualistic “time AND space”.

My mind has connected time and space for me through an odd little quirk which I am not sure how to explain in words but I’m going to have a go at it anyway.

When reading things of the universe, I usually have no trouble at least forming an idea of a unit of time or distance times a thousand, or times a million or a billion, etc.

But when you go the other way around, when you start talking about a nanosecond, or one second x -1,000,000 or whatever it is, I can’t fathom such a small unit of time. It’s that proximity to the finite zero that I have trouble with. One second alone goes by in such a snap that one-millionth of that time is just…un-experience-ably brief.

But here is where it gets weird. Whenever I read about such a unit of time, something at some point kicks in, and automatically my brain causes me to imagine myself as a subatomic micro-organism. In that micro-size (in other words, the amount of space occupied) I am able to imagine what that one-millionth of a second feels like. It is only in bringing myself down to the ground floor of being, in the dimension of space (size), that I can begin to know what the same would be like in the dimension of time.

Approaching what you thought was absolute zero, time reveals itself as infinite in both directions. If you keep splitting a mustard seed in half and had the tools to continuously do so, you would never get down to nothing, you’d just keep getting half of what you had before. The same is true with a unit of time. Stillness, Oneness, Peace, is at absolute zero. But how do we get there if we can divide the “moment” infinitely? I think the answer has to do with the expression “center nowhere, circumference everywhere.” I know, I know, in Eastern philosophy the “center” is supposed to be the goal, but if you aspire toward the circumference, the all-in-all in every moment…that is Aum.

I am suspicious whether this “perception of the nano-second as a bug” thing has anything to do with the relativity of lifespan. As a human being I have the instinctive knowledge of what my life expectancy is, roughly. And therefore the shorter the amount of time, the less important it seems in the “grand scheme” of a lifetime. Sometimes humans let hours, days, years fly by without a second thought of how we are spending them. If we lived a trillion years would a month be just as imperceptible or unimportant? I am not trying to suggest I am somehow channeling the experience of a subatomic flea or something. But if you take yourself out of your body and adjust the entire experiential paradigm under which you are programmed to think, things can shift drastically.

Aham Brahmasmi
Tat Tvamasi



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2 Responses to The Quantum Album: 3: Timespace of the Subatomic Flea

  1. Dhrishti says:

    1. I love it when you write so many words. You ought always to do it.

    2. I think I would disagree a little on the part where you mentioned center / circumference stuff. The circumference is not the “all-in-all.” It’s the “all-at-the-edge-of-all.” It might also be the “all-that-defines-the-all” since the circumference is technically a border – which kinda sounds like duality to me. Even if the circumference is “everywhere” you have to be able to identify multiple unique “wheres” and then face the then-inherent task of transcending the perceived uniqueness of those individual “wheres” before it can be said that the circumference is experienced as “everywhere.”

    The idea of “center nowhere” helps with the work necessitated by the “circumference everywhere” notion. In fact, it’s really the only way it can even work. “Center nowhere” is what happens when we’ve invested enough effort in our own evolution that we experience first-hand that what is “my” center is also at the center of “you” and “her” and “the goldfish.”

    Lastly, the idea of pursuing the circumference sounds warm and fuzzy because it means nothing gets excluded, etc… but regardless of exclusions / inclusions in relation to any circumference, no circumference is even possible without its Center – which may be why Eastern philosophy almost invariably points us inward instead of outward.

    • treadmarkz says:

      In all honestly I suppose center and circumference are both a little inaccurate – for the reasons you’ve cited and for the reason that the infinite cannot have a “center”

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