The Quantum Album: 1. Layers

In the near future, a series of posts will be titled similarly to this one. This is to indicate that they are intended as part of a “series” all inspired by reading I’ve done and meditation I have done on the subject of quantum physics. Consider this Track 1 from The Quantum Album.

Sometimes I sit back and watch the wind sweep by and I realize that with every gust, the earth in front of me is being altered if only on a most undetectable scale. Or I watch the rain come pouring down, and notice how the mud is flowing out of the grass into the street. And again I know the world is not the same as it was. The same plot of land is ever changing.

Or I notice how with every round of training groups we recruit at my office, by the end of the project most of them are gone but some of them stay on and become a long-term member of the team, while over time others leave. Employees retire or pass away, and others take their seats, or move away from their usual seat because of a technical issue at their station, and they decide they like it at the new place so that becomes their seat. Old pictures come off the walls and are replaced by new ones. While that is going on, the walls are repainted. Sometimes the office just gets a new vending machine, or various options in the old vending machine are updated. The company goes by the same name but it is ever changing

Or I notice that in the decade my wife and I have been in this town, the population has risen from about 95,000 to 107,000 and is expected to double in the next generation due to medical facilities being developed at this very moment. Along with these facilities is a string of senior living apartments, general population apartments, grocery stores, convenience stores, and all manner of other signs of a burgeoning civilization popping up like pimples on a teenager. Old buildings are coming down and new ones are coming up, or new businesses are replacing old ones in the same old building. The reach of the city limits is expanding but the face of that which has always been this city is evolving every day it seems. It goes by the same name but it is ever changing.

In every case layers of history are being added all of the time. Impermanence is everywhere. The dance of Shiva is played out in every moment.

And then I think about an amazing fact that I learned a while back – that over a certain period of time every cell in a person’s body dies and is replaced so that from one point in time to another your body is made up of an entirely new set of cells. And yet you are the same person.

Quantum physics is a subject I have become very interested in over the years. I don’t know how any Hindu could not be. There is a theory in quantum physics called the Holographic Principle which I am sure I have written about in passing at some point. The theory goes, in short, that the observable universe is not necessarily (but maybe) an illusion, but a hologram. Just as how in a hologram multiple to myriad bits of information are held within a small space, the holographic principle of quantum physics seems to be saying that the cause and the effect, the past and the future are all held within the moment. I find that in observing the changing physical and societal world around me in these ways, I am able to contemplate timelessness and changelessness.

Aham Brahmasmi

Tat Tvamasi




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